Zodiac MilPro Heavy Duty Series, 23′, Black Inflatable Boat


  • Zodiac MilPro Heavy Duty MK6, Black 2022
  • Length: 23′ 0″, Material: CSM (Hypalon), 705 lbs
Item #: 459323
Brand: Zodiac MilPro
Model #: Heavy Duty MK6 #Z80142 Black
Packaged Weight: 925.00 Lbs.
Our Price:$35,497.00



  • Length: 23′
  • Beam: 9′ 5″
  • Hull Weight: 705 lbs
  • Capacity: (20) Persons or 9040 lbs
  • Maximum power allowed: 175L hp (20″ Shaft)
    • or 2 x 70 hp
  • Maximum Motor Weight: 529 lbs
    • or 2 x 276 lbs
  • Tube Diameter: 29″
  • Separate Air Chambers: (7 + 2 + 1)
  • Stowed Dimensions:
    • Boat Bag: 8′ 2″ x 3′ 3″ x 1′ 8″
    • Floor Bag: 5′ 7″ x 2′ 11″ x 1′
  • Fabric Type: 1670 Decitex, Polyester, Hypalon-Neoprene
  • Factory Warranty: 5 years

Standard Features Include:

  • Futura hull with inflatable keel and speed tubes
  • Non-skid Aluminum Floor
  • (4) Anodized Aluminum stringers
  • Bow thrust board and bow Floor board, marine plywood
  • (6) Intercommunication inflation valves on main tube
  • Metal Keel inflation valve
  • (2) Inflation valves on hoses to FUTURA tubes (delrin)
  • Reinforced plywood transom with bottom edge Stainless steel protection
  • Ovoid reinforcement on tube transom attachments
  • (4) Self bailers
  • All around rubbing strake, flat profile, black
  • Rubbing strake bow triangular profile
  • Rubbing strakes for beaching on FUTURA tubes
  • (2) Bow large towing D-rings on tube (stainless steel w/ black coating)
  • (2) Aft towing rings (stainless steel U-bolts on transom)
  • (2) Lateral lifting D-rings (stainless steel w/ black coating)
  • (2) Bow lifting rings (stainless steel folding padeyes on thrustboard)
  • (2) Aft lifting rings (stainless steel U-bolts on transom)
  • Bow Handle (metal w/ black coating)
  • Exterior lifeline on lacing cuff
  • (2) Foot bellows with hose
  • Repair kit with pressure gauge
  • (2) Paddles
  • Boat storage bag and Floorboard storage bag


Zodiac MilPro Inflatable Boats

Zodiac Milpro Inflatable Boats

The Zodiac Milpro Inflatables are fast, rugged, and easy to deploy. With an engine power of just 50 horsepower, they are also ultra-light and nearly uncapsizable. The rugged design is also surprisingly easy to maintain and repair. These boats are a popular choice for a variety of marine applications, from commercial fishing to military missions. The Zodiac Milpro is available worldwide, and we'll explain how they can benefit you. The FC range is the undisputed leader among the Zodiac fleet. More elite soldiers use the FC range than any other military craft, and the hull design combines innovative technology with decades of Zodiac Milpro know-how. The unique hull shape allows the craft to maneuver with unmatched agility, which is crucial for flying large loads on a plane. These vessels are continuously updated and are among the best in their class. The Zodiac FC420 is a world-class boat that is used by Military and Professional operators in different theaters of war. The hull's FC hull shape provides exceptional sea keeping performance and a deep "V" shape for unsurpassed maneuverability in rough conditions. Its FC hull has removable lateral stabilizers and a multi-level floor system. Its high speed, top speed, and maneuverability make it an ideal boat for any situation. The Zodiac FC range is the ultimate military boat for special forces. More elite soldiers use this series of boats than any other type of vessel, and it's designed with the latest technology and Zodiac Milpro know-how. The FC range offers unmatched maneuverability and is the most popular military boat for Special Forces. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today! Features and Options of the Zodiac FC420 The FC420 is known as the definitive Special Forces boat. It is used by more elite soldiers than any other craft in different theaters of war. Its FC hull design and floor system provide excellent maneuverability in rough environments. For military purposes, the FC420 is the preferred choice of crew. The Zodiac MilPro is a versatile, highly maneuverable boat. It can carry up to ten soldiers and can easily be used as a patrol vessel for naval units. The Zodiac FC420 is the definitive Special Forces boat. It has been used by more elite soldiers than any other craft in the world. Its unique FC hull design and Zodiac Milpro know-how enable it to be the most reliable and effective boat for a military unit. The FC420 is constantly upgraded and is the most recognizable military craft in the world for Special Forces. It has a high level of maneuverability and stability. The company's inflatable boats were first developed in the 1920s by the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. In the 1940s, the company produced prototypes for military operations. In the 1960s, the Zodiac Milpro company acquired the Zodiac Marine Ltd. and Hurricane Rescue Craft Inc. and formed Zodiac Hurricane Marine Inc. in the United States. The firm has been the world's leading manufacturer of inflatable boats for over 120 years.


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