Solstice Paddleboard SUP Coil Leash w/Swivel


  • Sturdy Coil Leash with Velcro Cuff
  • Attaches to Ankle, Wrist or Paddle Shaft
  • Extended Length: 10 Feet, Color: Black
Item #: 950226
Brand: Solstice Watersports
Model #: 35995
Packaged Weight: 1.00 Lbs.
List Price: $33.66
Reg. Price:$29.99
Sale Price:$28.49

Keep your board close in any condition, with Solstice’s Paddleboard SUP Coil Leash. Designed to stay close to your board, the Solstice Coil Leash won’t drag in the water like straight leashes. Instead, with a 10′ vinyl clad coil leash, hook & loop strap fasteners and dual swivels, the Solstice Coil Ankle Leash offers greater paddleboard control and less entanglements.


  • Easily keep your board in control, and close to you in an emergency
  • Hook and loop strap fasteners on both ends
  • Attaches to ankle, wrist or paddle shaft
  • Connects to stern D-ring
  • 10′ (305 cm) vinyl clad coil leash
  • Dual swivels help prevent entanglement
  • Coil keeps the leash close to the board


  • Color: Black
  • Coil extended length: 10 ft. (305 cm)
  • Leash material: Vinyl


Solstice Watersports


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