2013 Yamaha F300XSB Twin Outboard motor


  • Condition- Used almost new
  • Comes complete with controls and gauge


2013 Yamaha F300XSB Twin Outboard motor


Length 27′ 7″
Beam 9′ 8″
Dry Weight (Boat Mfr. Pub) 5,868 lbs
Maximum HP 600 hp
Fuel Capacity 172 gal
Weight as Tested 8,070 lbs

F300XSB / LF300XSB

Horsepower 300 hp
Induction EFI/VCT/DOHC
Displacement 4.2L
Weight (Estimated) 611 lbs
Gear Ratio 1.75:1


Mounting Hole Position #2


Series Saltwater Series II™
Diameter x Pitch 15 x 20
Yamaha Part # 6CE-45932-20-00 / 6CF-45932-20-00
Propeller Material Polished Stainless Steel


Number of People 3
Air / Water Temperature (Fahrenheit) 77° F / 78° F
Elevation (in feet above sea level) 0′
Wind Velocity 20-25 MPH


Yamaha Outboard Motors

Yamaha Outboard Motors

Besides being powerful and efficient, Yamaha Outboard Motors are also equipped with a wide variety of peripheral equipment. The Helm Master EX boat control system makes it easy to maneuver your craft. With over 2,000 service dealers worldwide, you're sure to find a dealer close to your location. These motors are built to last and have a number of innovative features to maximize your boat's capabilities. You'll never have to worry about having your motor repaired or maintained. Whether you're looking for a powerful cruising motor or an affordable sporty one, Yamaha has the right engine for you. The company's emphasis is on fuel efficiency, cleaner exhaust, and noise reduction. The result is a line of outboard motors that offer powerful performance and outstanding fuel economy. Because of the proprietary alloy used in making their motors, they resist corrosion and offer better performance than their competitors. While they're more expensive than their competition, they're worth every penny.

Used Yamaha Outboard Motors for sale

Alpha Marine has both new and used Yamaha outboard motors for sale. With the enduro line, Yamaha has produced high-performance outboard motors for the recreational market. In 1981, Yamaha started manufacturing these motors for commercial use. Today, Yamaha offers a wide range of two- and four-stroke outboard engines. Depending on your needs, you can find a motor that fits your needs. You can even choose from small or portable models. A quality motor and gear combination can make all the difference in the world! Yamaha outboard motors were first manufactured in 1958 for motorcycles. By the late 1960s, the company expanded into the marine market. Its flagship commercial outboards, the Enduro series, have gained worldwide popularity. They're lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. No matter how big or small, you can trust Yamaha. They've been making outboards for over 50 years. You can't go wrong with them! You'll love the power and performance of a Yamaha outboard motor. These motors have been used in boats for centuries. They are capable of powering boats from simple to high-performance cruisers. Their fuel-efficiency and low-emissions emissions make them the perfect choice for recreational boating. The newest generation of outboards is the P-max, and the YZ-V.

Yamaha Outboard Motors for sale near me

The Enduro outboard motors are ideal for racing. In fact, Yamaha outboards have become so popular that it's difficult to imagine using any other type of motor. The P-7 is one of the most famous outboards on the market today. This model's power and performance make it a perfect choice for beginners and pros alike. Despite the name, it's easy to see why Yamaha Outboard Motors are so popular. Whether you're fishing for recreation or for professional purposes, you'll be satisfied with the performance of a Yamaha outboard. Outboard motors are a great way to get a boat ready for the summer. These powerful engines are an excellent option for recreational boating, as they provide a steady and reliable power supply. Regardless of your needs, Yamaha outboard motors are the perfect choice for your boat. From portable F2.5 models to larger, more powerful VMAX SHOs and even V8 Offshore Models, Yamaha outboards are an excellent choice for your boat.


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