2013 Mercury 25 HP 4-Stroke 25″ Shaft


Mercury 25 HP For sale

  • Condition     –      Used – like new
  • Brand    –     Mercury
2013 Mercury 25 HP 4-Stroke 25″ Shaft


2013 Mercury 25 HP 4-Stroke 25″ Shaft


Mercury 25 HP For sale

  • Condition     –      Used – like new
  • Brand    –     Mercury
2013 Mercury 25 HP 4-Stroke 25″ Shaft, Clean and in perfect working condition Mercury 25 HP For sale! 2013 Mercury 25 HP Electronic Fuel Injection !!!! 4-Stroke!! Never been painted and runs Excellently!!!
Shaft Length   –      25” shaft!!
Hours   –      283 Hrs
Compression    –   207
Fully serviced and ready to mount and run. It will come with controls. Does have Electric start, Power Trim, and a Remote Model. We trade late 2000’s and newer #running

boat engines

Type: Outboard Motor
Year: 2013

Mercury 25hp outboard
Series: Midrange
HP: 25
Engine Type:  4 cyl.
Control Type:  Remote
Shaft Length:  25″ in.
Weight:  157 lbs (71 kg)
Power Trim and Tilt:  Yes


  • Model: 523
  • Shipping Weight: 164lbs


Mercury Outboard Motors

Mercury Outboard Motors - Powerful and Reliable

From its humble beginnings in the 1930s, where the Kiekhaefer Corporation refurbished and sold outboard motors as part of a plan to fund a startup dairy equipment business, Mercury Marine outboard motors have garnered a reputation of quality. Mercury specializes in durable, lightweight outboard motors for every occasion and Alpha Marine is proud to offer the quality that Mercury outboard motors represents. Over the decades, Mercury has built on its reputation as a leading outboard engine manufacturer and still holds records to prove its dependability, fuel economy, and performance. In 1957, two Mercury 90 HP motors set endurance records on a test lake, running 50,000 miles at an average speed of over 30 MPH continuously (stopping only to swap drivers and routine maintenance), and were still well within factory tolerances for wear and performance. This is a record that has never been beaten.

Mercury Outboard Motors for sale

Whether you're looking to buy a Mercury Outboard Motor for a boat or a fishing motor, it is important to shop around for the best one for your needs. While this manufacturer's products are made in Japan, it is also home to the MerCruiser line of inboard and sterndrives. The difference between Mercury and the competition is their attention to detail, and this shows in the quality of their products. The Mercury 60 hp two-stroke outboard features an advanced three-cylinder, variable-ratio oil-injection system. This marine engine is easy to start and features a large displacement. It also has a long warranty, making it a solid choice for a boat. The low fuel consumption of this outboard is a great selling point for anglers who want to fish for a living on the water.

Mercury Outboard Motors for sale near me

The Mercury outboard motor has been designed to be both powerful and reliable. This is a highly efficient and reliable outboard. You can count on it to go the distance. The outboard's legendary performance is backed by the company's forward-thinking technology. Even if you're not a racing fan, the Mercury motor is easy to maintain and offers incredible fuel efficiency. Its high level of reliability, low midrange fuel consumption, and ease of repair make it a great choice for boaters. When it comes to performance, Mercury outboard motors are an excellent choice. The engines feature direct injection, which provides a high degree of acceleration. The OptiMax XS Mercury Racing lineup includes race-proven models for bass, flats, and offshore applications. The OptiMax outboard engine utilizes a gearcase technology to deliver outstanding handling at any speed. Its superior quality and affordability made it the ideal choice for many people. The Mercury outboards come in all horsepower levels, from 2.5 to 600 horsepower. They can be jet engines or gas-powered. There are several different models to choose from, but the most popular are those in the 30-60 horsepower range. The flagship 60 EFI is the flagship model, and it generates 70 horsepower. Another popular model is the Mercury Verado 400R, which produces 80 horsepower. In addition, the mercury Verados are supercharged and six-cylinder powerhead models. Mercury Outboard Motors are available in 2.5hp, 3.5hp, and five-horsepower models. The 3.5hp outboards are equipped with a built-in fuel tank and 15 or 20-inch shaft. The four-horsepower version comes with a digital ignition. The 5hp outboards have a larger carburetor and a larger propeller. The Mark 75 was the first Mercury outboard motor to offer direct reversing. This engine was one of the largest in its class and set the standard for fuel efficiency. The 1750 was the first V6 outboard to be produced and it set a new standard for fuel efficiency. The 115hp "Black Max" is the first V6 outboard and still the most powerful outboard of all. The mark 75 was a world-record breaker and is still the most powerful outboard model today.


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