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Introduction to Honda Marine

Honda Marine, an esteemed division of the global giant, Honda, has etched its mark in the marine industry by delivering impeccable four-stroke outboard marine engines. But did you know, they’re not just about engines? Let’s dive deep into their maritime legacy.

Honda Marine’s Evolution

As with every Honda product, innovation is paramount. Honda Marine isn’t an exception.

The Power Products Division

This sector of Honda symbolizes their commitment to power. Honda Marine, being part of the Power Products division, echoes this ethos by providing robust and reliable outboard engines.

Honda Marine’s Four-Stroke Engines

The heart and soul of Honda Marine. Their lineup of four-stroke engines promise efficiency, power, and durability.

Environmental Impact and Benefits

You’d be pleased to know that these engines are not only power-packed but also eco-friendly. Honda ensures reduced emissions and better fuel efficiency with each model.

Delving into iST: Honda’s Gem

Ever heard of turning water into wine? Well, Honda’s iST might not do that, but it surely turns your boating experience magical.

Smart System Integration

With the Intelligent Shift and Throttle Smart System, Honda outboards intuitively adapt to the captain’s commands. Sounds futuristic, right?

Commanding Control on Water

The beauty of iST lies in its flawless control, offering boaters a seamless voyage.

Available Models with iST

For those eyeing this feature, it’s accessible on Honda outboards ranging from 115 to 350 hp. Quite the range, isn’t it?

Making Boating Accessible: Financing by Honda Marine

Want to conquer the waters but worried about the finances? Honda Marine eases your way with financing options as tempting as 6.99%.

H2: Trusted Resellers of Honda Marine Products

Venturing out to buy? Here’s where you can anchor.

H3: Defender Marine

A haven for maritime enthusiasts, Defender Marine offers an array of Honda outboard motors, parts, and more.

H4: Offered Products and Accessories

From power packages starting at 2 HP, they’ve got you covered.

In search of the BF9.9 Portable 4-stroke outboard? Look no further. is your destination.

For those who value silence as much as performance, showcases Honda’s 9.9hp and 15hp outboard motors, ensuring a quiet but powerful performance.

The 9.9hp and 15hp models

Designed with precision, these models are a testament to Honda’s legacy of reliable and silent performers.


Honda Marine, with its expansive range of products and innovative features like the iST, has revolutionized the marine industry. Paired with reliable resellers and tempting financing options, boating has never been more accessible. Ready to sail?


What is the range of horsepower for Honda outboard motors?
Honda offers a wide range, from 2 HP up to 350 HP.
What is the warranty on Honda outboard motors?
Warranty specifics can vary; it’s best to check with an authorized dealer or the official Honda Marine website.
Where can I find Honda outboard motor dealers near me?
Trusted dealers include Defender Marine,, and You can also check Honda Marine’s official website for local dealers.
How does Honda Marine’s iST system enhance the boating experience?
iST offers intuitive control, adapting to the captain’s commands, ensuring a seamless boating experience.
Are Honda Marine’s engines environmentally friendly?
Yes, Honda focuses on reduced emissions and better fuel efficiency with its four-stroke engines.

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