Order Placement Questions

I would prefer not to order online. What are my options?

In addition to online shopping, we are a full service contact center. Orders can be accepted by phone Monday through Saturday (See our Hours), by fax at 800-654-1616 or by mail.

I need to use a shipping address that differs from my billing address, but every time I change one the other changes with it.

Your default shipping address must always be the same as your billing address. This does not mean you are limited to one location to ship, though! Alternate shipping addresses may be entered in the "Billing" section of checkout. Click on the "Add Shipping Address" button under the "Select a Shipping Address" Heading, and then click on the "Add Address" link at the bottom left of the screen. Enter your alternate shipping address, then click the "Continue" button. You will be brought back to the Shopping Cart page, and can now proceed through the checkout process, selecting your correct shipping address in the "Billing" Section. Our system will store each address entered so that you don't have to re-type it in the future.

What do you mean by commercial or residential address?

A commercial address is classified as a business address that is easily accessible by a carrier vehicle. Home businesses are not considered commercial. Any time an address is marked commercial, it needs to include the business name as well as the address itself. Any address not meeting these qualifications will be considered a residential address.

I need an item that is marked Limited Quantity or Hazmat. How will you ship this?

Limited Quantity and Hazmat items can only ship standard ground service. This does not include 1 day, 2 day, 3 day or US Postal Service mail. If you have some items on your order that are not hazardous and you need them quickly, we recommend placing them on another order separate from the hazardous items. This will prevent delays in processing.

One or more of the addresses I am using is not within the 50 states. What should I do?

From the Shopping Cart page, click on the "International Checkout" button. Even if you are billing out of the country but shipping within the US (or the other way around), you must still select this check out method.

How do I know you received my order?

If you have provided an email address, we will send a confirmation email with your order number and detailed breakdown of items selected. If your email service utilizes a junk mail filter, you may need to add us (CustomerService@defender.com) to your address book to receive messages. Please remember that Defender does not participate in the sale or trade of your information, including email addresses.

I need to make a change to my order.

Orders for in stock items do process very quickly, often the same day ordered. We will make every effort to assist, but if your order has been released to the shipping floor we may not be able to stop it. Please have your order number ready and call us at 800-435-7180 during business hours, or email CustomerService@defender.com.

How will you ship my back order?

We ship back orders via the same method originally requested for the rest of your order. With few exceptions, no additional freight will be billed for the additional shipment.

Why did my order get split apart?

Certain items and services, such as boats & motors, and splicing & rigging, must be placed on their own order. The Department of Motor Vehicles requires a clean invoice for boat registration. They have asked we not include any extras, even if they are for use with your boat and/or motor. Splicing and rigging go on their own order, as these services are not done in house. Your invoice is sent to an outside specialist who does this work for you (please note they only get to know what services are being done, they are not transferred your payment information).

How can I check the status of my order?

If a valid email has been provided, we will email a confirmation of shipment with tracking number after your merchandise has left our warehouse. If you need additional information on your order, you can click the Check My Order link on the navigation menu or email us at info@defender.com and be sure to include you order number.

How do I track my order?

If a valid email has been provided, we will send a confirmation of shipment with tracking on the evening your merchandise leaves our warehouse. Click the Track My Package link on the navigation menu to enter your tracking number and track your package(s).

How do I track using my order number?

Tracking by order number is currently only available for those packages shipping standard UPS Ground. Have your order number ready and head to see our Order Tracking Page.
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