Zodiac Inflatable Boats

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Zodiac is a leader in inflatable boat technology and design. Alpha Marine is proud to offer an extensive array of Zodiac Boats from roll-up and stowable models with inflatable floors to rigid inflatable hulls made of fiberglass or aluminum. Zodiac boats are available in sizes from small dinghies to expertly pre-rigged lines upwards of 20 feet in length.

Which Zodiac Inflatable Boat is the right choice for me?

Inflatable boats and RIBs offer several styles of flooring that could be instrumental in choosing the best Zodiac boat for you. Consider your application first, how you and your family use your boat. A new Zodiac inflatable fishing boat will have a few more feet than most inflatables and will probably require a solid panel floor. A new zodiac dinghy, on the other hand, has an optional inflatable or slat floor - each making offseason storage easier. Alpha Marine team members can assist you in narrowing down your choice even more but when it comes to Zodiac boats - start your choices from the bottom up!

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