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Torqeedo Motors

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Torqeedo Electric Motors

Developing countries are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental benefits of electric boats and are increasingly turning to alternative energy sources such as Torqeedo Electric Motors to power their boats. These vehicles can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%, and are compatible with solar panels and wind turbines. They can also be a great way to help farmers who are struggling to raise a family. These new models have a host of features to make their use as convenient as possible.

The Torqeedo electric motors have been used on commercial vessels, large sailboats, and powerful motorboats. Their high-RPM version is best suited for planing boats, while the low-RPM version is ideal for displacement and large yachts. The power source for the motors is lithium-ion batteries, which are taken from BMW i3 and i8 electric vehicles. The battery data is available in the Torqeedo app.

The company was founded in 2004 by Dr Markus Muller, CEO and managing director of DEUTZ AG. He has served in various technical positions for the company since 2006. He is also very active in the company’s E-DEUTZ electrification strategy and the “green” segment. His training as a motor vehicle mechanic led him to pursue his doctorate in engineering from the University of Rostock. In fact, he is currently serving as CEO of Torqeedo Electric Motors.

Torqeedo Electric Motors have the potential to transform commercial and recreational watercraft. The company’s innovative technologies are suitable for large sailing yachts and commercial vessels. The high-RPM version is designed for planing boats, while the low-RPM version is geared towards displacement and large yachts. The company’s multidisciplinary development efforts and high-performance technology have led to success in a variety of sectors.

Designed for commercial and recreational use, Torqeedo Electric Motors are ideally suited for both small and large motorboats. The high-RPM version can power planing and displacement vessels. Despite its low-RPM capacity, it is designed to be silent and efficient, allowing for the maximum use of energy and minimizing the need for fuel. The company’s multidisciplinary approach to the development of their electric motors has helped the company develop a number of products in different areas, including marine robotics.

The company’s electric motors are ideal for large, commercial vessels and powerful motorboats. The company’s high-RPM version can power large displacement boats and planing boats. In addition, the company has over 70,000 electric propulsion systems installed worldwide. Last year, the company’s sales grew by 40 percent. The success of Torqeedo’s electric motors is evident in the fact that more businesses are moving toward alternative energy.

The new flagship model, the Torqeedo Cruise 10 is a robust and powerful electric outboard. It is ideally suited for a work boat, RIB, or a yacht. Its five- and 10-HP units come with tiller steering options. They are available in either tiller steering or with integrated onboard systems. It is important to note that Torqeedo has been around for decades.

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