Tohatsu Outboard Motors

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Tohatsu Outboard Motors

Tohatsu Outboard Motors are excellent for a variety of uses and can provide a smooth, comfortable ride. Their direct-injection technology makes them extremely durable, yet lightweight. These outboards are also very fuel-efficient and meet EPA emissions standards. Besides their excellent performance and durability, they are also available with warranties that can be transferred to another owner. If you have any concerns about the quality of your Tohatsu outboard motor, you can contact a tohatsu dealership for service.

If you're looking for a high-quality outboard, you should look no further than Tohatsu. They have been manufacturing high-quality outboards since 1956 and have a long history of reliability. Tohatsu outboards are the most reliable, toughest engines in the market. Their high-quality engines can be used for hours at a time and are designed to provide reliable performance even in the harshest conditions.

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For those looking to purchase a high-quality outboard, Tohatsu has made some of the best outboard engines on the market. Their outboards are known for their durability and low maintenance. These engines are manufactured in a 34,000 square-meter facility in central Japan and employ 450 people. These new, fully automated machines allow the company to offer competitively-priced engines. Furthermore, Tohatsu offers a 5-year limited warranty on their engines.

Tohatsu outboard engines are backed by a five-year warranty. This commitment to quality is evident in the fact that every Tohatsu outboard engine is backed by the industry's highest warranty. Whether you're looking for a two-stroke outboard or a four-stroke, you can be confident that Tohatsu outboards will meet your needs. With the best performance, longevity, and affordability, Tohatsu is the best choice for your next outboard. And the fact that Tohatsu outboards are Japanese is another factor that sets them apart.

The Japanese outboard manufacturer has a reputation for quality and reliability. The company's new factory in the central part of the country has a capacity of over 200,000 units a year. The high production level allows them to offer competitive prices and a 5-year limited warranty. These outboards are the best choice for many boating enthusiasts. And with the Tohatsu factory in Canada, you can be sure that your outboard will last.

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With its five-year warranty, Tohatsu outboard engines are considered bulletproof. Typically, Tohatsu outboard engines last between two to three years without needing major maintenance. However, your motor's lifespan will depend on how you treat it. If it's neglected, it will not last as long. If you do, however, you should consider upgrading to a more expensive model if you're unsure whether Tohatsu outboards are a good choice for your boating needs.

Whether you are looking for a high-performance outboard or a low-priced model, Tohatsu Outboards are an excellent choice for small boats and inflatables. With these reliable, lightweight outboards, you can get the most out of your boating experience. With high-quality outboard motors, you can also save money on gas. You can find a great deal on a Tohatsu Outboard today!


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